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Sunday Morning Coffee: Felix Roasting Co. Has My Heart <3

Felix Roasting Co. on 104 Greene St, New York, NY 10012

Second location on 450 Park Avenue South

*This review is not sponsored or in collaboration with any affiliation. All opinions are my own. Due to COVID-19 and most locations being shut down or only service Delivery or Curbside, I will not be reviewing Atmosphere, Quality of Service or Aesthetics unless applicable*

Ordered: Latte with Oat Milk ($6.75) + Notorious RBG Sweet Bagel ($8.00) = $13.75 + tip and tax

Favorite Features: The outdoor seating and the PLAYLIST. Vibes were ~ immaculate ~

Taste: Latte was smooth and not too sweet! Bagel = incredible, you have to try it. Plus, bonus points for the name!

Atmosphere: The inside of the store is gorgeous, and if you see the photos below you’ll know what I mean by that. The aesthetics of this shop deserve an A++ for color scheme and consistency!

Quality of Service: I’d be a fool if I didn’t comment on the incredible service I received here. The baristas were so nice, sparked up conversation with me and made my morning so much better.

Aesthetics: Like I said, simply incredible. The seating area felt very calming with all of the plants surrounding it, and even though it was on a somewhat busy street (it only really got busy around 11am), it didn’t take away from the vibe at all.

Other: This place is clearly a SoHo favorite that I didn’t know existed. By 11-ish there was a (socially distanced) line out the door and almost all of the outdoor seating was filled.

Student Discount? None

(NEW ADDITION) Study Spot? Absolutely, great for getting work done!

Good Morning beautiful people! Happy Sunday

This morning’s coffee spot brought us all the way down to SoHo to Felix Roasting Co. Around 8am, I got up and got ready for my busy day. I had a revelation this morning that I never get dressed up just for me anymore. So that’s exactly what I did. It is now a rule that I wear something hella cute to my Sunday Morning Coffee dates with myself, because I deserve it.

So let’s talk about that for a second; doing things for yourself because you deserve it.

I was having a conversation recently (easily could’ve been with myself but I don’t remember) about doing things for me rather than for others. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things for others and I will gladly help you at the first sign of need. But often, I forget that the most important person in my life is me. My mental health is everything to me, but if I don’t take care of that, then I can’t take care of others and I’m failing at my life’s purpose. What good does that do for anyone if I’m prioritizing everyone else’s needs above mine?

So this week I made it my goal to allow myself the rest it needed and not feel guilty about it. At the end of the day, my body will tell me when life is becoming too much. Listen to your body bro.

Every day this week, minus Thursday, I found myself sleeping in a little bit later than I normally do. I’m a very Type-A, 7:30am riser. But this week...this was not the case. I have a 9:30 class on Monday and Wednesdays and you better believe my ass got out of bed at 9am, took a shower and joined my Marketing lecture with sopping wet hair and eating my pumpkin spice overnight oats during the first part of the lecture. It simply had to be done. Sure, for a second there I felt bad about myself for not being able to get up earlier, study for the Marketing midterm I had on Monday, or the Music History test I needed to finish. But that’s totally normal and bound to occur when things feel slightly off schedule. Tuesday and Friday I again found myself sleeping in a bit later and completely unmotivated to do my work. In typical “Piper” fashion, of course it got done, but it took all my energy, some snacks and a couple cups of coffee to do it.

By the end of the week I felt as though I hadn’t accomplished as much as I’d liked to, and that I wasted a ton of time on things that don’t matter. But I know I needed it, really. Since I moved back to the city everything has been so “go-go-go” and no “please freaking take a rest”. It’s like the world is moving faster because we’re virtual. That’s something I refuse to get behind.

Back to the main point: do little things for yourself in your life because you need to. I overslept because my body was telling me I needed the rest. I got dressed up this morning instead of my usual leggings and a basic top because I deserved to look nice for myself. I ate more than usual on Wednesday because I ate less than usual on Monday and Tuesday and my body was trying to tell me it needed nourishment. I spent two hours scrolling on Tik Tok because I spent 8 hours typing away on my computer and I needed a brain break. It’s okay.

Anywaysssss. I was at Felix for a solid 3 hours listening to the vibey playlist while writing a paper, people-watching, and talking to my parents on the phone. A baby in a stroller next to me started bobbing her head to Megan thee Stallion, which felt right. Two girls behind me were talking extremely loud about their sex life, not that I cared but the people around me grew to be quite frustrated about it which was fun to watch. A group of teenagers came to sit outside and stared me down to move from my seat (they clearly wanted it) which was also entertaining because I wasn’t giving it up and I don’t think they liked that. Instagram Influencers sauntered about the street and I was definitely writing down every fit I saw. This particular coffee shop had a lot of French guys with dogs. Do with that information what you will.

After I gave up on writing and my laptop was just about dead, I walked around SoHo for a while, talking on the phone to my mom (complaining). I came home, talked to my roommate for a sec and then went grocery shopping and immediately back to my homework after a quick sorority rush event. Truly living the life here, I know.

That’s really all I’ve got for you today, and I hope you got something out of it. I really do appreciate when you guys DM your thoughts or something nice about the blog!! It brightens my day a ton and simultaneously boosts my ego so please keep doing that.

Dad, what’d you have this morning?

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Sunday Morning Coffee

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