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15 Coffee Shops in NYC You May Have Missed

I swear I’m getting better at this. At least a ~ little ~ more consistent then the first couple times around. But hey, I’m a busy gal.

After some time, I looked back at my Google Spreadsheet filled with coffee shops all around New York City, and realized “hey, you haven’t updated this in a while...even though you’ve been to half of these places”. Major issue for someone who claimed they're a coffee blogger right? But, it’s 2021, and I’ve made a vow to myself to take things that mean a lot to me more seriously. And not just blogging--I’m talking new music all 2021. I’m talking confidence boosts and recognizing my worth. I hate to be that “new year, new me” person, but lowkey I am one of those people and that’s totally okay.

So there are a lot of places I never wrote about, and since I have the memory of a crushed pecan, I will not be delving into the part of my brain that may or may not remember whether the atmosphere in Everyman Espresso was comparable to the aesthetics of Matto. But what I can do is give a quick review of the 15 coffee shops I ventured to throughout 2020, that I never had the chance to write about. In the future, when it’s not snowing up a storm outside, I’d love to go back to these places and give them the review that they deserve, and tell a story of the day. Let's get to it.

  • Third Rail Coffee: Loved the location and the baristas were lovely. I believe their location in East Village has shut down and they are moving.

  • Porto Rico Roasting Co.: Small space, meant for a grab n go, coffee was okay

  • Everyman Espresso: Loved the interior, few spots for sitting but a great place to work if you can get a table, Iced Vanilla Latte was one of the best I’ve had.

  • Think Coffee: Generic and kind of boring but if you’re just looking for coffee, then you’ve found it

  • Saltwater Coffee: Very cute environment, limited seating and limited capacity, good but kind of hidden location, coffee was very good and the customer service was wonderful. Definitely a grab n’ go kind of place, but if you happen to get a seat there--keep it.

  • Stumptown Coffee: Went here with my dad on a visit to NY in the Summer. It’s coffee, nothing to complain about. Visited during COVID so I never saw the inside or really interacted with the baristas, would love to visit again

  • Pret A Manger: Went with a friend on an early spring (pre-COVID) outing. Coffee was okay but their salads were superior.

  • City of Saints: One of my favorite spots to study during first semester of freshman year! The baristas were kind, the interior was aesthetically pleasing, and I found that I could focus really well in there. Though I can’t remember what I ordered (this was over a year ago), the coffee must have been good if I returned so often.

  • Matto Espresso: I genuinely did not like this place and do not get the hype surrounding it (other than it’s super cheap coffee!!)

  • B Cup: This is the epitome of a neighborhood coffee shop. Owner hangs out in the store and greets every single customer. The baristas are quick and the food is really, really good. This is a bit on the pricier side and it’s cash only. But if you’re gonna grab a coffee with a friend and chat, their outdoor seating on the sidewalk and coffee is perfect for it.

  • Perk: Probably my favorite East Village shop. Over the last semester I’ve gotten pretty friendly with the baristas and I think they’re starting to know my order by memory. This is where I go when I need to get out of my apartment because it’s been 6 days since I’ve seen sunlight and breathed fresh air. 10/10 highly recommend it!!

  • Outro: Vibes are incredibly cute and definitely worth a trip. A little pricey for coffee but their food selection is pretty good and very tasty! The Lavender Latte is spectacular, however, I always end up chewing those little pieces of lavender they put on top.

  • Blackstone: Definitely a West Village favorite!! The turkey sandwich is legit my favorite thing on this earth and I do crave it everyday. The coffee is great, the baristas are charming, and the owner is the most dedicated man ever---and he definitely knows that if you charm the young women in their 20s that live around there, they will keep coming back and spending their iced coffee money at his store. Outdoor seating but more of a grab n go (regardless of COVID)

  • 787: I love the vibe of this coffee shop. There are two in East Village and I visited the one on 2nd Ave and 6th! The Maple Latte during the Fall was delicious and the cold brew I bought for my friend had generous reviews. They also do a neighborhood discount if you live or work in East Village.

  • Le Petit Parisien: Honestly it was kind of mediocre. The coffee was just ok and the food was...dry to say the least. The interior was cute and I got the sense they were super community focused which I loved and was happy to give my money to. Baristas were veryyyyyy French, so if you know you know.

Well if you didn't know, now you know. Those are 15 additional shops that never made the blog, but one day will. I hope you just found your new favorite. I’ll see you next weekend <3

Dad, whatcha drinkin this morning?

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