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Sunday Morning Coffee: Bluestone Lane

Sunday, September 23rd

Coffee Shop: Bluestone Lane located on Astor Plc in the Village Order: Chai Latte (in house), Almond Oatmeal (in house), Pumpkin Bread Expense: $$ Aesthetic Appeal: lots of blue and greens, plants, music doesn’t really fit the inferred vibe of the place, located in a great spot if you’re looking for gyms/group workouts, or need to be close to a subway entrance. Lots of seating, especially if you’re by yourself. Seating for one or two people, not great for groups. Sophisticated vibe, lots of business men and women here but also young people (like college students living off campus). Baristas are nice and welcoming. Overall, aesthetic appeal is a 8/10 based on atmosphere, aesthetics and accessibility. Food and Drink: Coffee- 9/10 Food: 7/10

Sunday’s feel different when you’re alone on a Sunday. Not in like, a sad way, just in an ob

servational way. I mean, from my perspective, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a Sunday morning, eating oatmeal and drinking a chai latte while gazing out the front window. Everyone around me is also alone. This coffee shop is where loners go, I’ve decided. I woke up this morning in a bad place. Last night was not a good one, per say. I do in fact, remember 21st night of September because I was incredibly sober and alert the whole night. I remember that I don’t necessarily want to remember it. So much so, that when I woke up this morning, I didn’t get out of bed for an hour. My mom accidentally FaceTimed me, I scrolled through Twitter, I saw what the new iPhone 11 looks like, I debated whether or not I was going to have a productive day. Then I debated where I was going to go for coffee this morning, or if I was even going to go. I changed and looked in the mirror, and when I started crying I am not exaggerating. I looked in the mirror this morning and burst into tears. I can’t remember the last time that happened, but let me tell you it was a whirlwind experience in this moment. After shoving those emotions away, I forced myself to leave the room. So now you’ll find me at this coffee shop. Reflecting on all that has happened in the last 24 hours. I have like 30 things on my “to-do” list for today, but it’s 1:45 so I don’t know about that, buddy. Things I’m thinking about in this moment (aka, weekly brain dump): A woman just walked in here and looked at the menu, then looked around, and promptly left. She didn’t order anything, she just looked. Then as she walked away outside, she looked in the window as I happened to look up and she was laughing. I like the aesthetic appeal of this place. The mugs are cute, the Chai was good, the bowl that my oatmeal came in has a fall theme. I love fall. I ordered pumpkin bread, I hope its good it looks really good. Everyone that walks in looks like they just came from the gym, and considering I live around 6 different gyms, this is likely. Most of them are “fit moms” with like three gym bags and lululemon leggings and large ass sunglasses. So basically me, because I am also wearing this outfit.

Lizzo is my spirit animal, only talk to me in Lizzo lyrics. She told me I can’t be sad this morning so I’m listening. I have Truth Hurts on repeat. Jerome is anthem. Good as Hell is fueling my progress. The Truth Hurts remix with DaBaby isn’t good. There is a Lizzo song for every mood, don’t fight me on that. I really need to buy some more plants for my windowsill. If anyone knows where to get some good succulents for cheap in this city lemme know thanks WHY MEN GREAT TILL THEY GOTTA BE GREAT I think I’m gonna have a photoshoot this week because I deserve it also so does my self-esteem, if you know you know The amount of homework I’m staring at right now is concerning. I need to stop saying “I’m fine” cause I’m not but will I? No, probably not but at least I’m aware. I’m STILL coughing after three weeks. I’m tired. Please stop this madness, my lungs are tired of this. My mug is empty and I ate every ounce of oatmeal out of this bowl. I’ve now listened to the whole Lizzo album twice. I’m 100% going to buy another coffee within the next two hours even though I shouldn’t. I’m sad so I don’t care. Dad how was your coffee this morning?

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