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Sunday Morning Coffee: The Bean

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Sunday September 1st, 2019

I’m coming up on two weeks of living here in the big city. Things I’m feeling: happy, excited, flustered. 

All of which I believe to be completely normal for someone who just moved their entire life across the country. I’m starting over. 

More things I’m feeling: 

I can’t remember the last time I wrote. Whether it be journaling, blogging, songwriting, etc, I can’t remember the last time I did it. I just know it’s been quite some time. Truthfully, I think it’s because I’ve been scared to confront my own thoughts. Scared to admit that I’m scared. Recently, in doing some much needed self-actualization, I remembered the reason I started writing this blog 4 years ago was so I could tell my story of progress. You may remember, or you may not, that InProgress was created to be an outlet for me and others like me to see our growth and move forward together, in progress. Incomplete humans on a quest for growth. 

Today I started a new series on this blog called Coffee Chat. Why Piper? You can barely keep up with the series you already have. 

That’s completely true. Mostly because I thought of it as an addition to something I was already doing.

Back home, my dad and I would spend every Sunday morning going to a different coffee shop in our town. It was our “thing”. We’d spend the morning talking, enjoying the company of each other, testing the various coffees (we’re bigggg coffee fanatics) and appreciating the little things our small town had to offer. 

But then I moved across the country. As a continuation to our father-daughter tradition, I told myself I’d take our coffee expeditions with me. So starting today, I am. In perfect coffee-chat fashion, I’m going to brain dump whatever the hell is going on in my chaotic mind at this moment. Let’s do this.

Location: The Bean

Order: Iced Mocha ($5.95) 

I intended to wake up at 7am this morning and start my Sunday morning the way I would back home. But things move differently in New York. I move differently in New York. For two weeks, I’ve been out every night, enjoying the many entities of New York’s finest nightlife and... b*tch, I’m tired!! 

Yesterday, I did laundry and ate food. That’s it, that’s the whole day. My body wouldn’t allow me to do much more than that. I could feel my body rejecting another night out, starting to get sick, and like the responsible adult that I am, I’m listening. But because of my various antics at night, I should have known that I would not get up at 7am this morning to start my day. I slept in till 9:30 and started my day when I was ready. That’s how it should be. Realization: sometimes it’s better to not structure every minute of your life and just go with ease. 

Knowing that it’s basically unacceptable to wear leggings in this damn city when you’re out and about, I put on my leggings, hoop earrings, and adidas sneakers and walked to The Bean coffeehouse. I apologize in advance NY, but I really wasn’t tryna wear my Sunday best for coffee this morning. The first thing I noticed was that there was virtually no one in there. Maybe all of 10 people occupied the venue, which was unexpected for NYC on a Sunday at 10am. I guess I misinterpreted the pace of life this morning. 

The employees here are incredibly nice and added to the vibe of the coffeehouse. It’s like 80 degrees outside so I’m honestly confused as to why everyone around me ordered hot coffee. I keep looking at my planner like I’m forgetting to do something, and I probably am to be honest. I’ve added and readded things to this to-do list, so much so that it’s starting to confuse my schedule. It’s now 12:15 and this is what I’ve accomplished this morning:

  • I submitted my application to be a high school mentor for a club I’m in

  • I retracted that application when I realized that I have a class at the same time I would regularly  meet with my mentee in The Bronx.

  • I attempted to send an email about a volunteer position in Queens but couldn’t find the name of my contact 

  • I edited the “about” section and “blog” section on my website, and added new elements to the “music” section 

  • People-watched for about 20 minutes (the only other people walking in leggings are gym rats, everyone in New York is pretty, I saw one of the Peer Mentors from Project Outreach) 

  • Wrote this blog entry

Things I’m thinking about:

  • I’m really excited to start this journey in NYC. I know it sounds corny but starting my day like this makes me feel some time of way. It feels natural; like home. 

  • My Spotify is playing some bOPS this morning. God Bless. 

  • My laptop is really dirty, I should clean that when I get home 

  • I wonder where my dad has his coffee this morning

  • You never know who you’re going to run into. The other day I ran into an old friend from back home in Missouri, who’s mom was my show choir choreographer. She lives here in the city now but it was wild to me that all those Hallmark moments of running into someone you used to know can be true. Now I’m always looking for the next interaction. I’m sitting in this coffee shop and I don’t know any of the people I’m sitting next to, yet. The man to my right could be my professor, but I wouldn’t know cause I don’t start school for another two days. The woman on my left could be a friend of a friend. It’s interesting to me how small the world actually is when you open your eyes. 

  • I should really start budgeting. 

Two weeks ago, I didn’t know anyone. Sure, I had internet acquaintances but I didn’t know anyone, you know? Fast forward to now, I’m in a great position. I have friends (wow! crazy!). I don’t have expectations for where these friendships are going to go and I don’t want to develop any. For what feels like the first time ever, I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

I’m down to the last sip of coffee from my large iced mocha and it’s time to meet my friends for lunch. I think I got a fair amount accomplished this morning. Am I prepared to start school on Tuesday? No, I am absolutely not. But at least I had today. 

Dad, how was your coffee this morning? 

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