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Piper Page, the lifestyle sub-channel of Piper Page Music was created in June 2019. I made this channel as a way to experiment with different kinds of lifestyle videos and document memories throughout the summer, while on tour, and during school. On this channel, you'll find Day in my life/Week in My Life videos from college, tour, and life in New York City and at home in Missouri. Make sure to subscribe to get notified when new videos come out!

Created back in 2014, Piper Page Music was made for the purpose of experimenting with modern music and the internet. Truthfully, I had no idea what I was doing when I made this channel. You can now find all of my music-related videos here, including cover songs, original music, recorded live performances and show choir videos from my past life. 

Make sure to subscribe to Piper Page Music for more videos! 

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